Partnership renewed between Mark One and Kawasaki

Partnership renewed between Mark One and Kawasaki for season 2022

Partnership renewed Mark One Kawasaki

The KRT’s six-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea stands on the first-place podium at the 2022 Pirelli Aragon Round in Teruel, Spain.

Mark One and Kawasaki Racing Team renew their technical partnership for the 2022 racing season

Mark One and the Provec Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT), have renewed their technical partnership for the 2022 racing season. The KRT leads the field with more than five hundred podium finishes, thanks to six-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea (’87), who has claimed more than one hundred World Superbike victories since joining the team in 2015. The KRT’s international excellence can be attributed to its dedication to being at the forefront of innovative racing technologies, which benefits both its riders and technical crew.

The fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the motorcycle world requires teams to regularly design, test, and update their methods and applications. In order to keep up with these demands, the KRT has incorporated Mark One’s innovative 3D printing technology into its production process.

Partnership renewed Mark One Kawasaki

KRT rider Jonathan Rea leans into a turn at the 2022 Pirelli Aragon Round in Teruel, Spain.

Mark One’s Collaboration with the Kawasaki Racing Team

Mark One’s collaboration with the KRT began in 2018, after the team expressed interest in adopting additive technology in order to revolutionize its production cycle and create new high-performance components. This move has already led the KRT to save 85% in production times and costs.

Therefore, Mark One’s 3D printing technology has allowed the KRT to consistently perform at the highest level, without compromising on quality. Its cutting-edge 3D printers provide the team with the possibility to create customized components, reduce production times, and guarantee users the simplicity of use.

As the graphic below demonstrates, the KRT’s supply chain has been greatly simplified. They can currently test as many components as they would like within just a few days.

Partnership renewed Mark One Kawasaki

Following these incredible results, the KRT renewed its collaboration with Mark One in 2022. The company supplied the team with a third printer, the new MK One model, which was placed in its workshop in Barcelona. The KRT currently keeps the other two ONE models in its racing box.

Partnership renewed Mark One Kawasaki

The MK ONE 3D printer produces components for Jonathan Rea’s motorcycle with real-time production.

Simplicity of Use

Mark One’s 3D printers ensure better control of the entire production process, thanks to their simplicity of use and this means that the KRT is able actively manage each stage of the printing process and to guarantee the production of complex and high-performance components, without having to rely upon external suppliers. In this way, the KRT has managed to cut a phase of the traditional supply chain that led to long lead times. This change was essential for the KRT’s technical crew, who is required to carry out rapid component prototyping for the team’s riders throughout the racing season. Once these prototypes are ready, they are printed and immediately tested by the KRT’s riders. The testing phase allows both the riders and the crew to fine-tune the components, so that they appropriately address the issues at hand. In the case that adjustments need to be made, the KRT can simply use Mark One’s 3D printers to reprint the component.

Watch theKawasaki Racing Team create component prototypes with the innovative MK ONE 3D printer at their headquarters in Granollers, Spain 

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