Milano Finanza: In 3D you add without subtracting

Additive Manufacturing is quickly gaining space not only among large companies thanks to the enthusiasm and concrete results of Marco Zani.

Mark One is an innovative additive manufacturing company launched at the Milan Expo in 2015 and established the following year in Cesena. The company designs and develops customizable 3D printers for the industrial sector, taking care of the entire production process. Mark One not only provides medium to large entities with the best 3D printers, but also the know-how and the expertise needed to ensure that this revolutionary technology is successfully implemented in production processes.
Indeed, the company’s core business is entirely focused on the research and development of technical solutions, innovative materials and 3D printer filaments, and the implementation of 3D printers in the workplace. Mark One already collaborates with large companies including Kawasaki, Yamaha, ABB, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and prestigious universities across the globe.
The markets in which Mark One operates are Packaging, Automotive & Motorsport, Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Medical. Each of these sectors has complex needs of a technical-industrial nature and it is here that Mark One intervenes by guaranteeing high-quality standards, i.e. customized devices based on customer needs, with a production cycle that operates effectively 24/7 and constant support that allows to break down all limits. To companies that want to streamline the supply chain and the industrial process Mark One guarantees the technical department and provides assistance at every stage of the process: from design to the realization of the final product. The keyword is “customization” and it is the main reason why companies rely on Mark One and Marco Zani for a real manufacturing revolution of the supply chain.

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The stages of the journey

Marco Zani, born in Cesena in 1990, has always been passionate about technology since he was a kid. He started to conceive, develop and materially realize what he was thinking about, to give shape to his ideas, including that of thinking about a new future of 3D printing. The decision to found Mark One was made while he was studying Automation Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorium – University of Bologna. The first concrete opportunity to experiment was the participation in a competition launched by the Emilia-Romagna Region on the food revolution. The project presented by Marco was to create a 3D printer to be presented at the 2015 Expo in Milan. When companies saw the ONE 3D printer at work, they began to consider the potential of this technology. “I’ve always believed that this technology could change the world and I am working everyday towards this purpose”, he said. Marco Zani was appointed on Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Manufacturing & Industry section and Mark One won as Best Smart Factory Startup at the South Europe Startup Awards.