IDC – 3D printing finds plenty of new applications at Maker Faire Rome

We are proudly in Mario Lombardo’s article published on IDC which talks about the 3D printing innovation and its application fields. A new world, which is expanding through the roof, giving everyone the opportunity to use and apply it in any field.

Mark One - Stampante 3d in azione

Mark One aims at education: from schools, organizing training courses for students and teachers, to companies, educating new sector entrants. In addition to the personalization of the “Custom” printers and the first professional model “ONE“, we help those who want to approach the world of 3D printing by analyzing every single need and recommending the best solution.

Mario Lombardo announces in the article as follows:

Mark One is a young Italian startup commercializing FDM printers for around €2000. The product presented at the show is called The Mark One ONE, offering an open build volume area of 200x200x300 mm, with a print speed of 300mm/s and a resolution of 15 micron. The device stands out because all of the plastics used in the chassis are 3D printed by the company who also claims to be able to customize its device with multiple functionalities and options to target various type of customers. Mark One also organizes courses in Italy for school kids of all ages to promote general 3D printing knowledge.”