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Mark One is a sponsor and technical partner of GRT Yamaha World SBK.

Thanks to this collaboration, for the first time in the world of Motorsport, 3D printers have been introduced inside boxes. Thanks to this implementation, the YAMAHA team was able to design and produce components immediately for use directly on their bikes. It drastically reduces production time and costs. Several parts have already been created to replace the aerodynamic and mechanical components of Yamaha's motorcycles: from the creation of equipment to facilitate "box work" (such as assembly jigs, custom mounts, motorcycle control box casings) and custom accessories for "cold motorcycles" (intake and delivery caps for storage engine, cover casings to facilitate the oil loading procedure, etc.).

The partnership between Motorsport and 3D printing has laid the foundations for a real revolution in the racing world.

Mark One - Applicazioni IN Yamaha 1

YAMAHA’s team was able to design and immediately produce components to be used directly on their motorcycle.

This simple component costing 1€ protected the 5.000€ radiator and, in turn, also the engine.

Mark One & GRT Yamaha SBK Team


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